Quick Feeds Writeshop 13-16 Aug 2012

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Trainees: 2+2 researchers from each site (2 feed, 2 socio-economics) Trainers: Adugna Tolera (Techfit), Jane Wamatu (FEAST), Getachew Legesse (VCA) Resource people: Aynalem Haile, Tadelle Dessie



ILRI Campus - Addis Ababa


#x-AGENDA-Monday - FEAST and Techfit TheoryMonday 13th

Time Activity Responsible
09:00 Programme overview Jane/Tadelle
09:15 FEAST presentation: Sinana ARC Jane
10:00 Coffee
10:15 FEAST presentation: Kulumsa ARC Jane
11:00 Discussion: Using the livelihood strategy versus land-holding in FEAST/Techfit Amare
11:30 FEAST presentation: Bako ARC Jane
12:15 Groups to work on FEAST revisions
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Techfit presentation: Sinana ARC Adugna
14:30 Techfit presentation: Kulumsa ARC Adugna
15:00 Techfit presentation: Bako ARC Adugna
15:30 Groups to work on FEAST/Techfit revisions Jane
16:45 Break

#x-AGENDA-Monday - FEAST and Techfit Theory-Tuesday - VCA analysis theory Tuesday 14th

Time Activity Responsible
09:00 Revision of FEAST and Techfit reports Jane/Adugna
10:00 Coffee
10:15 FEAST/Techfit powerpoint presentation: Sinana ARC Jane/Adugna/Getachew
10:45 FEAST/Techfit powerpoint presentation: Kulumsa ARC Jane/Adugna/Getachew
11:15 FEAST/Techfit powerpoint presentation: Bako ARC Jane/Adugna/Getachew
11.45 Groups to work on powerpoint revisions
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Groups to work on reports Jane/Adugna/Getachew
17:00 Break

#x-AGENDA-Monday - FEAST and Techfit Theory-Tuesday - VCA analysis theoryWednesday 15th

Time Activity Responsible
09:00 VCA presentation: Bako ARC Getachew
09.45 Coffee
10:00 VCA presentation: Sinana ARC Getachew
10:45 VCA presentation: Kulumsa ARC Getachew
11:30 Groups to work on VCA revisions
13:00 Lunch Getachew
14:00 VCA powerpoint presentation: Bako ARC Getachew/Jane/Adugna
14:30 VCA powerpoint presentation: Sinana ARC Getachew/Jane/Adugna
15:00 VCA powerpoint presentation: Kulumsa ARC
15:30 Groups to make final revisions of reports Getachew/Jane/Adugna
16:45 Groups to hand in their revised reports and powerpoint presentations Getachew/Jane/Adugna
17:00 Wrap up Jane